On Challenge, Struggling, and ‘Holding Back’

I lost a fight. In Grim Dawn, not real life, though, I’m pretty sure I’d lose a real fight, too. I finished the Forgotten Gods expansion, and opted to try my hand at the “One-Shot/Rougelike Dungeon”, Tomb of the Heretic. In that, you have as it says, one shot per play-through to complete the dungeon,Continue reading “On Challenge, Struggling, and ‘Holding Back’”

Grim Dawn – “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Diablo!”

In the wake of Diablo Immortal being well, a trash fire that I’m refusing to touch on principle (I say as I still play WoW…), I’ve been hankering for an ARPG to play. Sure, there’s Diablo 2 and 3, but, I’d have to win the Royal Rumble against both my mom (Animal Crossing) and myContinue reading “Grim Dawn – “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Diablo!””

The Grim Adventures of This and Guy

Merry Something, it’s Christmas day, and I have a (quite) long weekend, so, I’d like to write about something today. Surprise, it’s a video game, since no baseball, Ohio State doesn’t play until New Year’s (when they get sacrificed on the Altar of Clemson), and the Lakers aren’t on until later. I picked up aContinue reading “The Grim Adventures of This and Guy”

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