Tales From the Alterverse – Gone

From: serpentcommand@secure.twinadders.gov.gd To: wrigleyville34@secure.roysent.gov.hy Subject: Tenth Round Security Consulting Ill tidings Captain, I regret to inform you in this manner, though I understand more immediately pressing matters on Vana’Diel demand your time. Allied Command has lost all contact with Tenth Round Security Consulting in the wake of a Scion expedition to the Crystal Tower. CellularContinue reading “Tales From the Alterverse – Gone”

#Blaugust2022 Day 5 – Tales From The Alterverse: Miner Discomfort

“We must needs look to our past, and our great conquerors of old, you should know this! Look at the philosophers! They had no need for this ‘love everyone’ thing, these gaudy-haired-” “I’m gonna cut you off right here, buddy. I really, truly, do not care. Now, are you going to stop giving me aContinue reading “#Blaugust2022 Day 5 – Tales From The Alterverse: Miner Discomfort”

Tales From The Alterverse – Healing the Past

“The lad put you on your back because you talk out your arse. Ye be a angry, hateful-“ “Enough! Shut your worthless mouth you useless Dwarf! That little Elf ambushed me because he’s afraid of a real man, a real alpha. Where is he!?” “You know where he is, ya daft bastard. Light’s Hope. DoingContinue reading “Tales From The Alterverse – Healing the Past”

Tales From The Alterverse – Big Shoes To Fill

“Your life is a loser mentality, ‘Highlord’. You have an entire army of knights that should be under you, you should be out taking what you want, building an empire, leaving a legacy. You’re mentally weak. You could have more money, power, land, women, anything you want, and you refuse. What is your problem? IContinue reading “Tales From The Alterverse – Big Shoes To Fill”

Tales From The Alterverse – Brave New World

“Alright, let’s get this thing started. I know you know me, and I know you, but, gotta get it on tape here. Ahem. This is Doctor Ganon Dragmire, Hyrulean Royal Sentinels, could I have you state your name, and where you’re from please?” “Nicolene Foster, and that is a…long story. Uhm…High Rock, Nirn, sorry. Well,Continue reading “Tales From The Alterverse – Brave New World”

Tales From The Alterverse – Pass It Down

From the journal of Eoghanan Malone: I feel the ravages of time setting in, hell, I’ve felt it for going on seven years now. I’m not getting younger anytime soon, I’m wearing my glasses far more than I ever used to. My hands lock up occasionally, I get a pain down the length of myContinue reading “Tales From The Alterverse – Pass It Down”

Tales From The Alterverse: Snow Day

10am. A woman looks down from her office window at the snow pouring on the street below. “Good gob, it’s comin’ down out there today.” She thinks to herself, thinking that getting home may not be the easiest thing until DoT comes through and clears it. “Hey, Sarah, you want me to text my husband?Continue reading “Tales From The Alterverse: Snow Day”

Tales From The Alterverse: Echo, Reverb

“No tricks. No smug one-liners, no ‘sick burns’ either. We speak plainly until the job is done. Am I understood?” A helmeted pair of brown eyes stare directly through the Miqote and Au’Ra’s souls. Not with intimidation or malice behind them, but, an understanding that it’s time to work. Time to do what they wereContinue reading “Tales From The Alterverse: Echo, Reverb”

Tales From The Alterverse: They Reminisce Over You

From the journal of Ariana Smith: I’ve been thinking of home recently, of the place we left five years ago. Some days I miss it, but others, it feels like a long, distant memory, something from a place I don’t recognize too well in my mind. A cold, January night was the last we sawContinue reading “Tales From The Alterverse: They Reminisce Over You”

Tales From The Alterverse: Dear Me

From the journal of Torvan Hillway: Hey me, been a while since we talked, huh? Last few years have been…eventful enough, didn’t really get out to Deep Space like we thought though. Too much got in the way. Plan was to only be here a couple years, make enough money, make no friends, then bounce,Continue reading “Tales From The Alterverse: Dear Me”

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