On Plans And Independent Study

My plans for today are RUINED. Those plans being “mow the yard for the first time in three weeks”. It’s raining, and it’s been raining all night, all morning, and is going to KEEP raining until at least Noon. I just want to mow my yard, please? Now, I have to wait until tomorrow, andContinue reading “On Plans And Independent Study”

Collecting Dust In The Graveyard Of Alts

The quiet is almost deafening. All is quiet on the Western Front at the moment, my day might almost be reasonable if it stays like this. It gives me time to think, which is a horrifying thought. What will I think about? Alts, mostly. Now, in this current fascination with SWTOR, I’ve done a fewContinue reading “Collecting Dust In The Graveyard Of Alts”

Old Dogs, New Tricks

I’ve started referring to the end of each work week, and even each pay period as “Landing The Plane”. I think it fits, as I’m flying through an obscene level of turbulence with work, and outside of work. 8a-5p Monday-Friday is the main plane to land, and I consider getting to that time where IContinue reading “Old Dogs, New Tricks”

SWTOR – Peace Through Power

I knew it. I knew that as soon as I started complaining about Jedi Knight being dull as literal dishwater, I’d start having fun. I started a Sith Inquisitor, specializing in Lightning, and it’s like a light clicked in my head, and now I want to nuke my Jedi Knight (again) and re-re-make him asContinue reading “SWTOR – Peace Through Power”

SWTOR – Air-Flavored Water

I am not what FFXIV or SWTOR’s main demographic is. I do not care much for their stories, and I really don’t like that they’re constantly in my way. Harchefaunt got sniped? I’m long since over it. Let someone else cry about him. Whatever BS the entire Jedi order is? No, I don’t much careContinue reading “SWTOR – Air-Flavored Water”

SWTOR – Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better

I started over on SWTOR last night, and immediately something felt “off”. It’s a fine enough game, I wouldn’t recommend it over my usuals, but, for what it is, it’s not bad. Something does feel “off” though. Movement doesn’t feel quite right, combat doesn’t “click” like it should, and exploration doesn’t feel as fun asContinue reading “SWTOR – Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better”

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