On Sony, Microsoft, And Consolidation

Okay, no snark, no snide comments. Going to act like an alleged adult for a minute. Earlier today, news broke that Sony has bought Bungie for a not-so-cool $3.6 Billion USD. That’s a lot of money. So, for a degenerate Guardian like me, what’s this mean? Well…not much. At least for now. According to theContinue reading “On Sony, Microsoft, And Consolidation”

Backlog 2022: Bioshock – Finished The Drill

So, it took a few years of starting and stopping, but, I finally finished Bioshock today. And with the Good Ending as well. Were there a few reloads? Yes. Was there some swearing at Big Daddies? Yes. Was it a good game? Obviously, otherwise I wouldn’t have finished it. Now, Bioshock is an Immersive-Sim FPS,Continue reading “Backlog 2022: Bioshock – Finished The Drill”

Go In Peace

I feel like getting personal again, about some things, and some days I can’t get back. My mom works with one of my ex-girlfriends’ brother, who is a manager in another department. I don’t like the guy, I didn’t like him when I was in a relationship with his sister, and I certainly don’t likeContinue reading “Go In Peace”

Endwalker – Standing On The Edge

Alright, your merry band of misfits now has to enter Ktisis Hyperboreia, and stop Hermes from getting the Meteia’s full report of space. By force if you have to. I’m a tank, so, I automatically fill that role, but, you have options for how you do this. If you go with Trusts, you can -kindContinue reading “Endwalker – Standing On The Edge”

Endwalker – Somewhere In Time

Okay, we’re further out from release, so, I think Zone 5 is safe-ish to write about now. So, we’re going to wind back the clock a bit. Remember how we went to Cleveland and back? Okay. So, Cleveland was the cover story. We didn’t go to Ohio, I wouldn’t wish my trash bag of aContinue reading “Endwalker – Somewhere In Time”

About Talent and Creating

I thought I had something. I thought I had a post all figured out, how I was going to write about my love of “surreal” settings, in games, movies, books, artwork, whatever. But, the constant rattling in my brain kept it from coming together. It was going to be inspired by playing through Bioshock, andContinue reading “About Talent and Creating”

Destiny 2 – …And Out Come The Wolves

Once more, our intrepid idiots (me, my brother) brave the Grasp of Avarice, in the hopes of getting one thing. Gjallarhorn. But first, we gotta get through the Warthog Run. We ride, fast and hard, through the minefield, four seconds to spare when we hit the last mine. My “foolproof” plan thrown out the waysideContinue reading “Destiny 2 – …And Out Come The Wolves”

Constantly Shifting Gears

I have a habit of having to pivot mid-thing, improvise my way through a situation, “rebuild the plane mid-flight” if you will. For the last…almost six months, I’ve had to do that with my phone at work, perpetually dropping calls, waves of static, all manner of problems. Two laptops, two headsets, a rebuilt phone extension,Continue reading “Constantly Shifting Gears”

Destiny 2 – Homework Assignment

So, my brother and I are getting back into Destiny 2 in preparation for The Witch Queen. Right now, our current goal is to complete the Dungeon from the Bungie 30th Anniversary Pack, Grasp of Avarice. It’s…not going well. We’re trying to two-man it, and, we can get to and through the first boss encounter,Continue reading “Destiny 2 – Homework Assignment”

Endwalker – Memory Lane

You’re lowered into the Aitiascope, as your party begins their trek to commune with Hydaelyn Herself. I’m the fool that thought Urianger/Y’shtola/Estinien was a good team to bring. Urianger both got stuck on level geometry and decided to leisurely stroll along, leaving me to eat dirt when I double-pulled. Thanks buddy. Real great help youContinue reading “Endwalker – Memory Lane”

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