Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls, and Thinking Outside the Box

Two more mistakes on the burn pile. Out of morbid curiosity, I spun up my PS3 copy of Demon’s Souls, mostly to see how it plays now, in 2022. It…plays like a Souls, just, cruder, less “refined” than From Software, and the developers who followed their lead with their own games, would make a gameContinue reading “Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls, and Thinking Outside the Box”

Dark Souls – Misery Business

Before I went to finish things in the Tomb of the Giants, made the mistake of going back to Darkroot. Not a “mistake”, as in, I broke the game, but, mistake as in, I want to cry profusely. I made my way back to the Undead Burg, ROFLstomped Havel the Rock with a pair ofContinue reading “Dark Souls – Misery Business”

Dodging Spotlights

I made a little bit of headway in Shadowlands last night, before I broke off and made a Shaman to tool around with. I got out of Oribos, and out to Bastion to meet these dudes called the Kyrian, and…I’m enjoying it so far. The only reason I stopped and switched to making a ShamanContinue reading “Dodging Spotlights”

Shadowlands, In the Shadow of Endwalker

I started Shadowlands last night, and, I’m certainly whelmed. Oribos is cool, I love the look, the general idea that “wtf, we’ve stormed the afterlife?”, but story-wise? I’m not feeling it so far. Battle For Azeroth was…fine, it was fine. It got me from 10-50 before I shut off Experience gain until I finished allContinue reading “Shadowlands, In the Shadow of Endwalker”

New-Age Gordon Gekkos

Occasionally, I’ll see these dudes online that “flex” their expensive watches, expensive cars, luxury lifestyles, usually gained from “selling, cold-calling, launching a product”. 99 times out of 100, it’s some guy I’ve never heard of, and they’re hawking “life advice, financial advice” with all the cliches you can think of. I’m not jealous of theseContinue reading “New-Age Gordon Gekkos”

Survive And Advance

I…have done what I thought was impossible for me. I finished Dark Souls. Solo, my only summons being Solaire, Lautrec and Sif. Gwyn? One round after I stopped trying to be a Parry God and brought in my buddy Solaire to help tank for me. I’m…feeling pretty good. I climbed me an impossible mountain. I’llContinue reading “Survive And Advance”

Tales From The Alterverse – Pass It Down

From the journal of Eoghanan Malone: I feel the ravages of time setting in, hell, I’ve felt it for going on seven years now. I’m not getting younger anytime soon, I’m wearing my glasses far more than I ever used to. My hands lock up occasionally, I get a pain down the length of myContinue reading “Tales From The Alterverse – Pass It Down”

Dark Souls – Occupational Hazards

Now that we’ve acquired (for the most part) our final tool kit, it’s time to start working down our list of Lord Souls to beat out of the Four Lords. Earlier, I had Frampt (the snake-guy) take me to the place where I could set the Lordvessel, that way I could progress the game, andContinue reading “Dark Souls – Occupational Hazards”

(Some) Thoughts of the Day – 4/21/2022

6:30am – Ugh. I got another hour to sleep. 7:30am – Damnit. 8:15am – Are you KIDDING me!? 8:30am – What is this? No, I…what? I’m calling Tier 2. 8:45am – Oh wow, so the battery looked like a Capri Sun then? 9:13am – Uh…. 9:45am – No, we were discussing electric cars, that’s whyContinue reading “(Some) Thoughts of the Day – 4/21/2022”

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