Mama’s Calling

I feel its grasp, slowly taking hold of my mind once again. It wants me to come home, it wants me back, just like it always does. Final Fantasy XI’s siren song is calling me back home once again, back to Vana’Diel. I’m trying very hard not to answer. I love FFXI, more than anyContinue reading “Mama’s Calling”

Goldilocks Zone

In sports, there’s a concept called playing out of your “‘natural’ position”, which basically means, that you’re playing in a role that’s not making the most of your skills. Like a Catcher playing Shortstop, what the Catcher does on the field doesn’t necessarily carry over to that position. A Shortstop is typically faster, more defensively-minded,Continue reading “Goldilocks Zone”

Palace Intrigue

I like reading about pieces of gossip and various firestorms that come out of a particular community, or organization. I’m a safe distance away, so, I like watching the sparks fly in these particular battles. The raging tire fire that has been Twitch the last week, the GTA VI leak debacle, Wizard101’s rogue elements, andContinue reading “Palace Intrigue”

The Emotionometer Is Busted

I have a severe distaste for stuff like Dating Sims, there’s little in the way of gameplay, and it’s mostly an excuse to gawk at the “omg so hot” characters. My brain is wired for intense, technical, high-speed combat, and involved problem-solving. Give me brain-warping puzzles and fierce, intense combat over “click button to smooch”Continue reading “The Emotionometer Is Busted”

Wake Up, It’s Gameday

I do my best work when I’m awake. Obviously, most people do, but, I mean awake, as in, not stifling a yawn and fighting off sleep. Last night, I actually played Destiny 2 with my brother, we ran Dares of Eternity, a couple Nightfalls, and…I was awake enough to really contribute. Checking the Post-Game CarnageContinue reading “Wake Up, It’s Gameday”

I Solve Practical Problems

I fell down a rabbit hole last night after going to bed. I read an article, well, parts of an article, about dudes that have something called “leg lengthening” surgery. Which…sounds painful at the very most generous. The doctors take your legs, femurs to be particular, and they break them. Then, if that didn’t soundContinue reading “I Solve Practical Problems”

Start The Car?

My motor seems busted, not my car motor, but, my “me” motor. My motivation, typically the thing that with the “spite” package installed, keeps me roaring and ready to go, is…not there right now. My drive to keep going is running solely on inertia at this point, and while I think I know why, IContinue reading “Start The Car?”

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