Equipment Fault

Hmm. This sucks. My mouse seems to think it’s either Opposite Day, or it’s possessed by the Upside-Backwards Demon. In all seriousness though, my mouse’s scroll wheel sensor is fried, and is out of service by Razer, so, I’m going to be in the market for a replacement. This would be a negligible issue ifContinue reading “Equipment Fault”

Out On Your Shield

This’ll be a diatribe on me leveling my alt, and how I’m working him up through the story. But first, a eulogy. Long live the 2021 Cincinnati Reds, having died as they lived, frustrating as hell. My occasionally-beloved Reds were eliminated from the playoffs last night, a double-dose of losing to the Chicago White Sox,Continue reading “Out On Your Shield”

Tales From The Alterverse: Seeing Ghosts

“Alright, meeting adjourned then. We’ll pick this back up tomorrow morning, Wolfgang. Good luck getting anything out of the subject.” “Haha, we’ll try what we can in the interview I suppose. Let me know what your guys find with those Crystal samples?” “Will do. Later, Wolf.” A middle-aged man walks out of the Meeting ChamberContinue reading “Tales From The Alterverse: Seeing Ghosts”

Too Dumb To Die

I don’t like being the “chosen one”. I really don’t, I like being the idiot that crashed the “chosen one”s party and ruined the plan. It’s how I write characters, a gaggle of competent, idiot savants, that decided to crash fate and destiny (not the game)’s party. It’s a part of my own personality, I’dContinue reading “Too Dumb To Die”

Ease On The Throttle

Wow, Reds won, Bengals won (more importantly, Steelers LOST), Chargers won, I got my yard done before the games started at 1pm…wait a minute. Hmm…things are going TOO well. You ever get THAT feeling? That things are going too well? I get that a lot. I’m always waiting on the other shoe to drop, soContinue reading “Ease On The Throttle”

New World Groove

I did the thing. I brought my old main back. The arrogant prick of a mage, or how I’ve characterized him lives (say hi if you see me around please? I’m on Brynhildr on the Crystal data center). But…I’m out-pacing the MSQ. So, I’m trying to level another class to manage the overflow of experience.Continue reading “New World Groove”

Season of the Lost – Week Five: Mind Games

Week Five, you should know the routine by now, check in with Mara, go queue up for Astral Alignment. The Ager’s Scepter catalyst was just added this week, and you can ONLY get it there, and ONLY in the bonus chest, so, bring lunch money. it’s entirely RNG-based, so, you could get it in one,Continue reading “Season of the Lost – Week Five: Mind Games”

Season of the Lost – Ager’s Scepter

Welcome Guardian, it’s time to document getting this season’s Beating Stick, AKA, Ager’s Scepter. Lore-wise, this thing shouldn’t be yours, you just, uh…killed…the guy who it should belong to. Sorry not sorry Uldren. Any well, you’re going to pick the Tracing The Stars quest up in the HELM, after your first Astral Alignment, and you’reContinue reading “Season of the Lost – Ager’s Scepter”

Season of the Lost – Week 4: Checks You Can’t Cash

The assignment is late, fine. I’ll live with half credit. Any well, welcome to Week four! Pardon the army of cats I was herding in the photo, I was babysitting a mouthy Hunter with a bad attitude, and I’m not talking about my brother for once! No, I was talking about the Crow, who hasContinue reading “Season of the Lost – Week 4: Checks You Can’t Cash”

Rainy Day Real Estate

It’s fitting that on the last day of summer, I wake up to it raining. Not that I’m complaining, I like the rain, and I’m ready for the heat to finally break for the year. But, I kind of find it fitting that the general “mood” I’m getting on this day is quiet, melancholic, andContinue reading “Rainy Day Real Estate”

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