Stress Ball

My stress levels have dropped, from, on a scale of 1-10, a 562 to a manageable 4. Ohio State won, 33-24, against the team that scares me the most, Penn State. Not a fun four hours though, pacing the house, and barricading myself from the TV to NOT watch, as much as I could. Typically,Continue reading “Stress Ball”

Pop The Clutch

Another Saturday, another 12-hour heart attack, Cincinnati playing with their food against Tulane, and Ohio State going into my most dreaded game of the year tonight. Penn State. I don’t care if it’s a home game, I don’t care that Penn State lost to Illinois in NINE OVERTIMES, they scare the life out of me.Continue reading “Pop The Clutch”

(Un)Focusing Lens

It’s Friday morning at the time I started writing this. And…I’m dragging. Hard. Have been all week. That extra 15 minutes of sleep each morning becoming my personal lifeline. I’ve been nursing this coffee for two hours and am barely conscious, let alone functional. Maybe this is my day in reverse? Be sleepy early, thenContinue reading “(Un)Focusing Lens”

Shiny, Happy People

I get distracted easily. I do, and I know it. I triple-task at work, between my actual work, getting up and wandering the house, and either reading on my phone, or watching something on my tablet while I’m writing up tickets. Me, and my mind have to wander a lot, roam around to do thingsContinue reading “Shiny, Happy People”

Building Out

There’s a house a street behind mine whose owners are building an addition onto it. It’s not a big one it looks like, just an extra room off their side-door, but, it got me to thinking about something, along with the eight hours of cross-training I’m in today to help with overflow in another department,Continue reading “Building Out”

Tales From The Alterverse: Undead Red

A voice calls out in a dream, it’s faint, and it’s hard to tell what it’s saying, but, it’s tone is mocking. It calls out with a laugh that, if it weren’t from a walking Demi-god, would make you want to throw a fist at them. It stands over the shrouded field of the dream,Continue reading “Tales From The Alterverse: Undead Red”

Vicious Streak

My mom and I often trade stories about our jobs, the people we work with, her customers, my clients, and the like. I used to work at the same place as my mom, and I know exactly what she’s talking about, even though the job has changed in the five-and-a-half years since I left there.Continue reading “Vicious Streak”

Comfort Food, Or, Why I Like “Puzzle Box” Games

It’s Sunday. I have nothing to stress me out. It’s raining. The Chargers are off this week, Ohio State ripped the arms off of Indiana last night, so…what do I do? Well, adding to my ever-increasing backlog, and lack of impulse control, I started up Resident Evil 4 recently. I’ve beaten it multiple times, onContinue reading “Comfort Food, Or, Why I Like “Puzzle Box” Games”

Look Good, Play Good

I hit 70 on Gunbreaker last night. After a Bardam’s Mettle that went south from the jump, where I went into an in progress dungeon. I’ll spare the details, but, healers are supposed to actually be participating in the fights, not sit there waiting on me to be at low health before they throw anyContinue reading “Look Good, Play Good”

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