Film Study, Or, Learning From Your Fellow Tanks

Alright, so, last night, I’m sitting here at my desk, watching the game play against itself in NCAA14. I have Texas State playing at South Alabama, and…I’m watching a comedy of errors. First down and Goal to go at the TSU one-yard line, and…USA doesn’t do the smart thing, and punch the ball in forContinue reading “Film Study, Or, Learning From Your Fellow Tanks”

Five For Fighting – Metroid Series Replay

It’s done. Five down, none to go. I’ve finished all five mainline 2D Metroids, in, ??? Order. Dread-Zero Mission-AM2R-Super-Fusion, Other M will not happen. Ever. And thus, my main pre-Endwalker project is finished. Having played all five back to back, what did I think of them? What’s my favorite, what’s my most disliked? What doContinue reading “Five For Fighting – Metroid Series Replay”

Cope. Seethe. Mald. In No Particular Order.

I do NOT taking losing well. No matter what. You beat me? It’s a affront to my very existence. And if you rub it in? I’m mad enough to fight someone. So, my Buckeyes lost yesterday. To Michigan. For the first time in ten years. And I’m still pissed. So pissed that I’ve been takingContinue reading “Cope. Seethe. Mald. In No Particular Order.”

The Day Of Discontent

Today is the the day. Today is The Game. #2 Ohio State at #5 Michigan. The day I’ve been dreading for the last 364 of them. I’m not ready, I’m not mentally girded to deal with this. I can only distract myself with other things SO much before I start to stare at it likeContinue reading “The Day Of Discontent”

Tales From The Alterverse: Dear Me

From the journal of Torvan Hillway: Hey me, been a while since we talked, huh? Last few years have been…eventful enough, didn’t really get out to Deep Space like we thought though. Too much got in the way. Plan was to only be here a couple years, make enough money, make no friends, then bounce,Continue reading “Tales From The Alterverse: Dear Me”

Turkey Day

A holiday’s a hell of a time to have an allergy attack that lasts for…ever since 3:00am. How’d my day “begin”? Waking up at 3, not being able to go back to sleep since I was up every few minutes sneezing or blowing my nose. I finally gave in at 4:30am, getting up “for theContinue reading “Turkey Day”

From Your Ivory Tower

I was going to write a narrative piece today, try and haymaker my way out of this writer’s block I got going on, but, I’m going to write about writing again. So, I read an article on Vice about Netflix’s (garbage) Cowboy Bebop adaptation, and, the writer made a point regarding just letting it beContinue reading “From Your Ivory Tower”

Ice Box

(Word of warning, we’re going off the map, and I’m just going to rant a bit) Two days to Thanksgiving, Senior-itis is happening, I’m ready for this day off. Ideally, it wouldn’t be busy this week with people taking off for the holiday, but, no. Also, it’s cold. Cold enough to not want to un-cocoonContinue reading “Ice Box”

Need More (less) Rage

I’ve said it many a time, but, football makes me angry. Being off my meds also makes me angry. Combining the two? Full-on, seeing blood-red, apocalypse level rage. So, seeing my beloved Los Angeles Chargers cough up a 17 point lead to the team I despise most in all of football, the Pittsburgh Steelers? OnContinue reading “Need More (less) Rage”

Familiar Hunting Grounds – Metroid Series Replay

Three down, two to go. I’m three games into playing/replaying the 2D Metroids I have access to, having finished Project AM2R last night, to go with Zero Mission for the Eleventy-ith time last week, and Dread the week before that. I’m enjoying it, it’s scratching that itch for exploring and combat that I want outContinue reading “Familiar Hunting Grounds – Metroid Series Replay”

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