One Must Always Reign…Beneath DUSK

So, I finished Dusk. Again. Is it as good as it was the first time through? Absolutely. I’m not exaggerating when I say that I think Dusk is one of the best shooters of all time, let alone the crown jewel of the retro FPS revival. The atmosphere, the sound, the weapons, the music, itContinue reading “One Must Always Reign…Beneath DUSK”

Who Turned Off The Sun?

Big week in my sphere of interests, Destiny 2’s ‘Season of the Splicer’ launched, along with FFXIV FanFest and its blowout on Endwalker, adding in my personal battle with three (now four) wide outages at work. I have thoughts, opinions, notes (not really) . I mostly spent the entire FanFest stream cracking jokes in /shoutContinue reading “Who Turned Off The Sun?”

Try Not To Suck

Had an epiphany in my yard the other day, I was mowing my yard, and listening to one of my 17484949 podcasts when something that makes a lot of sense was said. The host, and the guest were discussing the New York Knicks, and how they seemingly got good overnight. The point made was thatContinue reading “Try Not To Suck”

Notes From The Field

Going to do something different, I started the second Eden raid set, but, want to do a quick write-up on it so far from my character’s perspective. Here goes: March 16th, 2023 (Source Time): Dove back into the Empty today, used Eden with bits and pieces of my own memories to conjure a simulacrum ofContinue reading “Notes From The Field”

Looking for Guild-ance

Against my better judgment (and to stave off burnout), I started Guild Wars 2 again. It’s not a bad game, I just never was able to stick with it the first couple times I tried it, once in another life, and once early last year (in the Before Times). This time it is sticking more,Continue reading “Looking for Guild-ance”

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