When I Go, It Won’t Be Quiet

I got a theory, it runs the gamut of what I like and don’t like (Welcome to! The [not] Lowe? Post!?), whether it be games, music, television, anything really. My theory is that I don’t like things that feel restrained, not kinetic, or just lifeless to me. I was brought up on heavy metal, videoContinue reading “When I Go, It Won’t Be Quiet”

Spinning Plates

I didn’t play many new games in 2020, or for that matter, 2019 either, but whatever. However, my GOTYs for each of those years, Doom Eternal and Devil May Cry 5, had one thing in common that was NOT rampant demon grinding. Both these games were high skill ceiling-ed battles to constantly get better. TheyContinue reading “Spinning Plates”

Hope Springs Eternal

March. One month to Opening Day, the holiest day on my calendar. Yard mowing season, March Madness, except, it’s not. It’s different, 30% capacity at Great American to start the season, the Madness being contained to Indianapolis, for obvious COVID reasons. I’m not complaining, things are still rough, and there’s too much risk to people’sContinue reading “Hope Springs Eternal”

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