Answer The Bell

I, am a harsh teacher. I know I am, I was taught harsh, so I teach harsh. Meaning, I don’t like mistakes, and will go through your work, or even my own work with a fine-toothed comb and find mistakes to correct. I expect perfection out of myself, and competence out of others, so ifContinue reading “Answer The Bell”

We Ain’t Sick, But We Ain’t Well

And we're tied — Cincinnati 💔 (@CincyProblems) June 22, 2021 .500, 36-36 at time of writing. The Reds, are a team. not a good one, not a bad one, but, A Team That Exists(tm). A team that can Do Both, rip off a six-game win streak and be swashbuckling badasses, and then drop fiveContinue reading “We Ain’t Sick, But We Ain’t Well”


My yard is a weekly battle. Nearly an acre of hilly, tree-rooted, battle at the edge of town. Especially in the sun, and with it being June in Ohio, a humid, hot, five-hour, two-person fight to push mow. However, the payoff of my yard looking nice, and the 13,000 steps I got in today isContinue reading “Slugfest”

Shameless Plugs

Hi, so, I’m going to do some shameless self-promotion here, no real big navel-gazing blogging at the moment. Just me, putting my stuff out there, and hoping some people bite on it. First, the story I’m writing on Royal Road, This Eorzean Life, I’m at seven(!) updates now, with 37 pages, and over 10,000 words,Continue reading “Shameless Plugs”

Life on Mars?

I am…not a social person. I’m really not. I don’t feel comfortable talking to people in any situation outside of work. Which means my inner circle is well, my parents, brother, cats and dogs. Even at work, most of my interactions with people that aren’t clients are pestering my supervisor about whatever inane thing loopsContinue reading “Life on Mars?”

Brain.exe Has Stopped Responding

Friday. Friday after 5pm. Friday night. I have a theory. I theorize that I do so much thinking during the week, that when I clock out and put my work laptop somewhere where I can’t see it for the weekend, my brain decides it’s completely shutting down until Saturday morning. Like, my brain decided sinceContinue reading “Brain.exe Has Stopped Responding”

Caffeine Running Low…The Words…Are Everywhere…

So, started writing a thing a few days ago. Sort of like a companion piece to FFXIV. It’s the thing I’ve had floating in my head for the last…eight(?) years, but with actual structure of some kind. It’s only got like, three chapters, but it’s setting up my focus (the not-the-guys) running the investigation toContinue reading “Caffeine Running Low…The Words…Are Everywhere…”

Test Drive

I traded my car in recently, my beat up, falling apart old Ford for…a significantly LESS beat up, much newer Ford. Going from 235,000+ miles, no air conditioning, a non-working door handle that broke in the dead of winter, and a cracked gas tank, to one that uh…only has 52,000 miles, and working everything else?Continue reading “Test Drive”

Terms Subject To Change

You ever sketch out a story, and have to start retooling beats and things on the fly because something changes? Yeah, me too. Every story idea I’ve come up with, related to FFXI/XIV or not, has had to be taken back into the shop, reworked, and retooled to ‘fit’ either the canon, or my currentContinue reading “Terms Subject To Change”

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