Director, What’s My Motivation?

Heads up, before you read this, be warned, it’s a lot of navel-gazing about my college years, just without the story of a guy I was friends with evacuating an entire dorm with a bag of popcorn, he didn’t even LIVE there, we were just at a mutual friend’s dorm to hang out between classes.Continue reading “Director, What’s My Motivation?”

Holding Pattern

If they make a documentary about me after I die, please know that I give everyone full permission to use a robot to read my stupidest DM‘s and emails but not in my voice, only in Meatwad’s — BUM CHILLUPS AKA SPENCER HALL (@edsbs) July 15, 2021 Welcome to the Dog Days. That time betweenContinue reading “Holding Pattern”

Musical Chairs

The gang finds themselves on The Island of Misfit Teams. — RedditCFB (@RedditCFB) July 23, 2021 I’m about to blow your minds. This…isn’t going to be about games. It be about “The Sport’s.“ College Football in particular, and the mad dash to scoop up a pair of Football Heavyweights, Texas, and Oklahoma. Word cameContinue reading “Musical Chairs”

Fightstarter Karaoke

New week, technically day three of mine, but since I’m fending calls and dual wielding headsets, I’ve not come up for air yet. Oh, I can’t idle for two hours at a time, because OH MY GOD THATS A LOT OF PEOPLE, well, I could grind out Solstice armor in Destiny 2 and I’ve fallenContinue reading “Fightstarter Karaoke”

All Edge, No Point

I think I’m writing about writing again. But, I was reading a forum thread about a site having just, intentionally edgy, abrasive article titles. Which, yeah, I get it, and I agree, I’ve been reading that site since college, and they’ve gone from irreverent, playful jabs in their headlines, to just being outright insulting theContinue reading “All Edge, No Point”

Welcome to the Neighborhood

As I reach day 5 of my yearly nightmare, the county fair being RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET FROM MY HOUSE, it makes have a thought about the influx of people into my beloved FFXIV. I play on Cactuar, and so does my brother, him since launch, me since I gave him ownership of our account,Continue reading “Welcome to the Neighborhood”

Outside of Time

Ever feel like you’re living in the wrong time? Like you should be living some-when else? Maybe I’m getting old, but, I feel it more and more, my tether on current trends being rated thin, and getting thinner every day. Which being me to a point. Shipping OCs with established characters. I don’t understand theContinue reading “Outside of Time”


GUS JOHNSON: WELCOME TO HOUR SEVEN OF TCU-TEXAS[Sun rises][Sun keeps getting bigger]GUS: YES[World engulfed by flames]GUS: WWWWWWWWWWWWWOW — Jason Kirk (@thejasonkirk) October 3, 2020 I can see the sun. Not right now, it’s 10:30 pm while I write this, but, in general. My cranky, belligerent demon of a cat is not sick, my bills areContinue reading “Daybreak”

Pet Project

I have inherited a cat. He’s small. He’s orange. His mom abandoned him outside on the porch of one of the buildings on our property, eyes crusted over with crud, screaming to the heavens. As I cleaned him up, and we’ve taken care of him in my house the last couple of days, he’s takenContinue reading “Pet Project”

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