Appalachian Belligerent

Maybe it’s a product of my raising, maybe it’s cabin fever from being at home so much on account of, well, everything. But, I’ve always had an issue with patience, and standoffish-ness. Not intentionally, I don’t go looking for reasons to not be the warmest person, it just happens. I know my social skills areContinue reading “Appalachian Belligerent”

Orange Barrel Season

Hi. Been a while, been buried in work, personal projects and general “Self-Proclaimed Writer’s Block” recently, but finally have a moment to try and write…something. It’ll probably be stream of consciousness nonsense, but whatever. Since COVID-19 hit, days have been more and more mentally taxing the longer I’ve been at home, ten months and counting.Continue reading “Orange Barrel Season”

Tell Me, Who Are You!?

When I play a game with a character creator, like an MMORPG, I tend to come up with an elaborate backstory for them. Did it in Final Fantasy XI, XIV, World of Warcraft, anything RPG-ish. It’s half getting in the role, half letting the 12 brain cells I still have run wild. Most times, theContinue reading “Tell Me, Who Are You!?”

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