In Defiant Challenge

In my general trails of doing things for absurd reasons, I believe that I’ve come up on an issue. My ‘style’ of “Attack, Attack” doesn’t always mesh with people. It’s not just me though; scrolling through Tales From the Duty Finder has people with my biggest issues. Arrogant tanks, ‘uWu heaws onwy uWu onii-Chan’ healers,Continue reading “In Defiant Challenge”

The Violence Has Escalated

Tanking! It’s fun! It’s a role that implores you to commit to getting punched in the mouth until the phrase “spitting chiclets” becomes a method of attack, so, why do I frequently see tanks not committing to the role? In my road to 80 as a Warrior and Astrologian, and (slowly) on Paladin/Dragoon/Gunbreaker/Machinist/Red Mage, IContinue reading “The Violence Has Escalated”

Go Big Or Go Home

While trawling Reddit during a slow part of my day, I sometimes read Tales From The Duty Finder, which is a bunch of users recalling their DF horror stories. Most of them I read usually end up being about Tank/Healer uWu couples that actively make their DPS’ day harder by single pulling, not DPSing whenContinue reading “Go Big Or Go Home”

Party Like It’s 199…8

So, last couple weeks of my life have been spent (sort of) reliving the past. Meaning, I’ve been playing the remakes of a couple games from my childhood, Half-Life, and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Those remakes being Black Mesa, and Ocarina of Time 3D. In the half-fuzzy eye of my mind, theContinue reading “Party Like It’s 199…8”

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