Entropic Pull

I like moody, melancholy things. I’ve written about Liminal Spaces, and how they’re something of a comfort to me before, and, that, probably will always be the case. The moodier, more dead-of-night-set it is, the better. At least to me. There’s just something about that time of night, in a mostly unoccupied space that isContinue reading “Entropic Pull”

Meet You Halfway

I’ve been reading the coverage of John Madden’s passing a few days ago, and one thing is a constant in every piece I read. The man taught you stuff, but, didn’t ever talk down to you about it. He loved what he did, and wanted to teach people in a way that made them loveContinue reading “Meet You Halfway”

Endwalker – Contingency Plan

It’s time to fight. There’s no running, you’re on a wall, and Zodiark-Fandaniel wants you DEAD. You’ll break through the holding ring at the start once everyone is loaded in, and start hammering away, same as always. However, a few seconds in, he’ll drop EVERYONE’S health to 1, what I did as a Warrior toContinue reading “Endwalker – Contingency Plan”

Endwalker – Mun

I’m in space? I’m in space! Can I see my apartment from here? Right! Stay on target! And there’s a guy! Welcome to Mare Lamentorum. Or, as it’s also known, “space jail”. This is where our buddy Zodiark is in the Hole at. Now, it’s pretty obvious WHY He’s in here, what we gotta doContinue reading “Endwalker – Mun”

Endwalker – E2M8

(Heads up, Endwalker spoilers galore here. Tread lightly.) We’re back! Back from nowhere in particular, all the cleanup is done, Aether Currents are claimed, side-quests with pictures did, now, time to hammer down on-OH GOD DAMN IT NOT MORE DOWNTIME CUTSCENES Ahem. Well. The battle’s done, the willing refugees moved to the Camp, let’s getContinue reading “Endwalker – E2M8”


It’s December in Ohio. It should not be this warm. It was 19 degrees Wednesday morning, now it’s north of 60. Yesterday was both Christmas and a Saturday, and it felt like neither. Too warm, the world was stopped on a day when it felt like it SHOULD be stopped. I suppose that I hadContinue reading “Fishtail”

Endwalker – In The Darkness Of Shadow Moses

Ahem. I’m in! And it’s time for battle! That wasn’t a swarm of cutscenes at all! And I was engaged the whole time! So, the crew has hit Garlemald, and Emet-Selch’s ghost is still a smug prick. The goal is plain, we hit Garlemald hard, while minimizing casualties as much as possible. You’re backing upContinue reading “Endwalker – In The Darkness Of Shadow Moses”

Aggressive Positivity

You ever get the feeling that someone is saying something they don’t mean? I get that a lot, particularly when someone is overly, almost aggressively positive. When they’re THIS close to pulling me by the ears, and shoving compliments down my throat. And then that’s all they do, to me, it feels insincere, like aContinue reading “Aggressive Positivity”

Tales From The Alterverse: Echo, Reverb

“No tricks. No smug one-liners, no ‘sick burns’ either. We speak plainly until the job is done. Am I understood?” A helmeted pair of brown eyes stare directly through the Miqote and Au’Ra’s souls. Not with intimidation or malice behind them, but, an understanding that it’s time to work. Time to do what they wereContinue reading “Tales From The Alterverse: Echo, Reverb”

The Space Between

Ever heard of “Liminal Spaces”? The spaces in between where you were and where you’re going, basically, existence’s waiting room. Like, an empty office hallway late at night, a lonely stoplight on a summer’s day, just, somewhere that feels “off” when you really look at it. Places that feel oddly alien, but familiar, or theContinue reading “The Space Between”

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