Lights Out, Party’s Over: Blaugust Final Thoughts

So, Blaugust is officially over, and with this being my first year at it, I didn’t have a lot of faith in myself being able to pull off 31 straight days of posts, especially with a house full of people down my back at all times. But, I did, me, and my fellow Rookie atContinue reading “Lights Out, Party’s Over: Blaugust Final Thoughts”

Blaugust Day 31: Surfing With The Alien

Day 31. We done with this thing after today? No, of course not, I like running up the score. Writing everyday for a month hasn’t been particularly difficult, mostly because I don’t limit myself on what I’ll talk about. I’ll write a narrative piece one day, a psychoanalysis of myself the next, and a deep-ishContinue reading “Blaugust Day 31: Surfing With The Alien”

Blaugust Day 30: Tales From The Alterverse: Time

A Wizard, a burning tower, a pair of young Knights, a battle told through ages. Again and again and again, it never ends. A man wakes up in a cold sweat for the third time this week. He looks over, his wife asleep beside him, 3:26 am. He’s off tomorrow, today, whatever, he can sleepContinue reading “Blaugust Day 30: Tales From The Alterverse: Time”

Blaugust Day 29: Did You Learn Anything?

Week five? Maybe? I’ve lost count, the schedule says five, so it’s five. Day 29/35. I’m SUPPOSED to talk about what I’ve learned this month. Do you want a real answer, or a smartass answer? ‘Cause I got answers both ways. To be totally serious for a while, I did learn a few things. MainlyContinue reading “Blaugust Day 29: Did You Learn Anything?”

Blaugust Day 28: Serious Business

GOOD EVENING, SICKOS — Holly Anderson (@HollyAnderson) August 28, 2021 You wanna hear me get REALLY annoying!? Wait five more days, then for me, football season has officially begun. But, technically college football begins today. After Season of the Lost has started, and The Rising is going on. Man, I got a lot ofContinue reading “Blaugust Day 28: Serious Business”

Blaugust Day 27: An Ode To Pizza

Pizza, you’re more than a comfort food, you’re a way of life. No matter what form you take, you’re always there, smothering me in your warm, cheesy embrace. You’re the release valve, the constant backup plan, the great equalizer of all walks of life, even bad pizza, is still pizza. Staring at the empty pizzaContinue reading “Blaugust Day 27: An Ode To Pizza”

Blaugust Day 26: Tales From The Alterverse: Gravemakers and Gunslingers

The Price of Freedom A Garlean Castrum, torn apart on the inside, the wreckage of a fierce battle. The scene moves to a particular sight, a woman on the ground, battered, broken, defeated by the now infamous (by Imperial standards) Warriors of Light. As the woman regains her senses, and surveys the scene around her,Continue reading “Blaugust Day 26: Tales From The Alterverse: Gravemakers and Gunslingers”

Blaugust Day 25: No Clever Title Today

Hi, I’m going to warn you ahead of time on something. This isn’t going to be a light, goofy, video game-centered ramble. This is going to be real personal, and an outlet for my frustrations at some real heavy things in and around my life. It’s not going to be fun to read, so, ifContinue reading “Blaugust Day 25: No Clever Title Today”

Blaugust Day 24: Green Alert

OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG — University of Night Ham Alumnus (@Blockade85) August 23, 2021 OHMYGODSTAYCALMEVERYONESHE’SHEREISITNOONYET? Ahem. Hi. It’s me again. I’m not here to tell you about your car’s extended warranty. Rather, I’m here because it’s Showcase Day. Opening day for Season 15 of Destiny 2, yes, it is both. Don’t @ me. Know how the EndwalkerContinue reading “Blaugust Day 24: Green Alert”

Blaugust Day 23: In Defense of Hype

I like cool things, over the top things, things that get you hyped for the next big thing. And I really, really don’t care how immature it makes me look or sound, what’s the saying? “I may be cringe, but I’m free”? Yeah, that. I’m going to scream along to the radio when something IContinue reading “Blaugust Day 23: In Defense of Hype”

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