Slow Ride/Trying To Find A Balance

This really won’t have much to do with FFXIV, but, last weekend I took on a challenge that’s seemed daunting since minute one. I forced myself into Destiny 2’s Iron Banner. Iron Banner, for the uninitiated, is 6v6 control point based matches with a slight twist from standard Crucible. That twist being that when oneContinue reading “Slow Ride/Trying To Find A Balance”

Disaster-piece Theater

Had a thought the other morning on my daily Nos/Mountain Dew run before work. I saw a guy I went to high school with, and he’s dressed maybe not to the nines, but at least the fives, nice polo, slacks, hard-bottomed shoes, real professional-like, coiffed hair, looks the part of being a professional bank officer/importantContinue reading “Disaster-piece Theater”

Simple And Clean/Midseason Form

So, the holiest day of my calendar was Thursday, Opening Day. Now, as my ‘beloved’ Reds march on their journey to be the first team to ever go 0-162, I’d like to lobby a complaint. Not at the team, that ship done been sailed years ago, but at our new Regional Sports Network/RSN that nowContinue reading “Simple And Clean/Midseason Form”

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