The Grim Adventures of This and Guy

Merry Something, it’s Christmas day, and I have a (quite) long weekend, so, I’d like to write about something today. Surprise, it’s a video game, since no baseball, Ohio State doesn’t play until New Year’s (when they get sacrificed on the Altar of Clemson), and the Lakers aren’t on until later. I picked up aContinue reading “The Grim Adventures of This and Guy”

Ascend The Aggro-Crag

I seem to have a dilemma. One that seems to blur the line between reality, and fiction. Freight train styled aggression seems to be a switch I can’t turn off. In real life, it’s pushing myself to take more and more work at well, work. In the “this is a game, chill” realm? It’s tryingContinue reading “Ascend The Aggro-Crag”

Resident Alien

I got to thinking on one of my 27 daily Twitter deep dives onto stuff. I really don’t think my tastes in anything really fit into any one box. I love RPGs, yet I’m not a big fan of anime outside of stuff like Dragon Ball Z. I love sports, yet I’m a half footContinue reading “Resident Alien”

Some Thoughts on Shadows

Long year eh? This post isn’t going to be very structured, mostly just a stream of consciousness ramble about…something. Or a few somethings. But, I’m going to try to focus on the Shadowbringers expansion for Final Fantasy XIV, and how much I loved it, and it’s locale, Norvrandt. There will be spoilers, so, be warned.Continue reading “Some Thoughts on Shadows”

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