About/Mission Statement

*Insert witty caption here when you think of…oh.*

About me

In real-life, I’m an IT Tech that seems to think he can write a little, and has an unhealthy obsession with a few video games and other subjects that I’m going to loudly complain about. I’m also not very good with people, I get nervous easily trying to talk to them, so this bravado, and aloof persona is mostly a smokescreen. In game though, I, by way of my Alter-Ego Torvan, am a grouchy, irritable Warrior with little in the way of patience, or tact. I have a concept of a story I’m working on (slowly), leading Torvan and a not-so-merry band to heights they’d never dreamed of.

Mission Statement

To Boldly Post Like No One Has Ever Posted Before

What’s My Aim?

My aim with this blog is to get my thoughts out there on subjects and topics I have an opinion, and thoughts on. Primarily, it’s about Final Fantasy XIV, and/or Destiny 2, but I will frequently go off on tangents about other things I my head at the time. Like baseball.

What Do I Do?

A grab-bag of stuff really, I mostly follow the whims of my Roulettes, or whatever Pinnacle I’m chasing this week. One day I’ll be staring down Eden’s Promise, the next, infiltrating the Vex Network, and the the day after that, playing city planner in something like Cities Skylines.

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