#Blaugust2022 Day 17 – FFXIV, Destiny 2, and Known Unknowns

Back to the grind, at least for a day, if I get tomorrow off for a Doctor’s appointment that I forgot about (update: got it). I’m already irritated, and after Friday? We’ll be down yet another person. Short 15 people, and they still won’t thaw out our Reqs. But, I’m not too concerned with that, it is what it is. I can’t save this team by myself, no matter how hard I push myself into an early grave to do so. Hiring is above my pay grade, and as long as I keep busting my ass to get us through, I’ve got that Bonus waiting on me next month.

I’ve got two more grinds coming next week, though. On top of the grind house that Posting everyday is. FFXIV’s Patch 6.2 and Destiny 2’s Season 18 (currently unnamed) each drop on the 23rd. And I don’t know which way to go on that.

FFXIV’s new stuff is partially on top of stuff I haven’t finished (Pandemonium), or stuff I really don’t care about (Island Sanctuary), though Criterion-Level Dungeons do interest me. There’s not a whole lot of “mystery” to it, it’s going to be MSQ, a Raid, a dungeon, maybe a Trial fight, the Manderville Weapons, and Island Sanctuary (in 6.25?). It’s a known quantity, aside from where the story’s going, it’s clockwork. I know what it is, there’s no surprises, no springing something on the players that they kept a secret until launch.

Destiny 2, on the other hand? The entire Season is being kept under wraps, just like Haunted was. Obviously, it’s going to be a few weeks of story, an activity, and the Arc 3.0 rework, but other than that? We know nothing. Even with me scouring for leaks, even the Leakers I trust aren’t sure of their information this time around. Little, if anything has come out about the story, and even less on the reprised Destiny 1 Raid that’s coming. There’s three choices, but Crota’s End seems to be too short and not mechanical enough for the game now, so, it’s King’s Fall, or Wrath of the Machine. The whole house of cards is a mystery, held inside Bungie’s chests at the moment.

I’m torn between which side I want to go with next week. I want to see where 6.2’s MSQ leads, and if we really are on a crash course with the Thirteenth, but, I also want to see what the hell Season 18 IS. The “Showcase” for the Lightfall expansion is an hour before reset, so, that’s definitely going to be on to watch during my lunch break. To be honest, it feels like Christmas morning as a kid and I can’t decide what to open first, the stocking, or that box under the tree.

FFXIV in this case, that’s the stocking. I can see the candy peeking out the top of the stocking, or in my case, packs of gum and a jar of peanuts (sue me, I’m not that fond of candy). I almost KNOW what’s there, and I like all that stuff. I like peanuts, I like gum, but, they’re known quantities, I know what they are.

D2’s Season 18, though, that’s the box. I THINK I know what it MIGHT be. It could be a new shirt, which is always welcome, but only affects me. It could be new cookware, everyone would like that, I could whip up something different with a new pan! It’s a known-unknown, I know it’s SOMETHING, but, I don’t know exactly what that something is. And I’m chomping at the bit to see what that box is hiding.

I know I’m going to get to both, eventually, but, which one I go for first, I’m not sure on. FFXIV’s story is interesting when it gets out of its own way, the new battle content seems interesting, but, I know it’s going to be cutscenes upon cutscenes to get to what I want. D2’s “little bit of story every week”, that seems to be more my “speed” when it comes to story. I get a little bit each week, and about the time I start getting annoyed, that week’s over.

It sounds selfish, but, I think I’d rather FFXIV’s story be like that. You do some stuff each week, and after a bit, that patch/season’s story is over, and the rest of the time is other stuff. Sure, Raids should all be accessible Day 1, but, I like the MSQ/Seasonal narrative being like a TV Show, you tune in each Tuesday, and it’s about a half-hour/hour’s worth of story each time. For my level of patience, that’s about all I can take before I start getting frustrated.

But, I’d like for D2 to take FFXIV’s ability to make everything worth doing. At this point, you’re not doing Vanguard Ops for anything but the Pinnacle Engram each week. Gambit’s a wasteland of a game mode, and Lost Sectors are useless outside the rotating Legend/Master Difficulty one. I’d like for D2 to take a page out of FFXIV’s playbook, and give actual incentives to running all the types of content.

If D2 had things like Cosmetic rewards in “legacy” content, like FFXIV does, I think something like Gambit would be more played than it is. Or even new Ornaments for gear. I’m never going to switch off of Bravura, but, I like having the option of getting a shiny new Axe from an old Raid or Dungeon. An Ornament for say, Gjallarhorn that only drops in Gambit, or Vanguard Ops would go a long way towards getting more people to willingly run those. D2 already has this with Nightfall-specific weapons, and even more granularly with their Adept versions in Master/Grandmaster difficulties.

Going the other way, I think that FFXIV could do the same with it’s less-played content. Sure, PvP already has its own Cosmetics, but, let’s get REALLY degenerate here. Ready? Okay. Guildhest-specific Cosmetics. The Masked Carnivale-specific Cosmetics (if that’s not already in-game). Diadem-specific Cosmetics. Levequest-specific Cosmetics. I’m only half-kidding. If you offer it, SOMEONE will chase it. Or it could all already exist and I’m just talking out of my neck.

Another bit of cross-pollination I’d like to see is something like Crystalline Conflict come to D2, and something like Trials of Osiris in FFXIV. A full 6v6 (since CC is 5v5) Fireteam-on-Fireteam battle to push the single objective to the other team’s spawn, complete with Lord Shaxx screaming in your ears. A 4v4 (since Trials is 3v3, this would be a Light Party), one-life (if not Raised), best-of-nine, fast-paced, white-knuckled duel, where the more wins you rack up on your Card, the closer you get to let’s say…a castle in Outer La Noscea. Or somewhere cool, I’m not sure yet.

It’s a pie-in-the-sky, never gonna happen thing, but, just once, I’d like to see those games’ teams work on each other’s game, even just to shake up the grind for a season. Or, at least some of each games’ equipment show up in the other. I even have a few concepts in my head to go from D2>>>FFXIV, though the other way around needs work. Like, with weapons, you could have:

  • Warrior – Iron Lord’s Axe
  • Dark Knight – The Lament
  • Machinist – The Last Word (though there’s SO many guns to pick from)
  • Bard – Le Monarque
  • Dragoon – Lubrae’s Ruin
  • Dancer – Revenant’s (Stasis Hunter) Withering Blades
  • Black Mage – Shadebinder’s (Stasis Warlock) Staff
  • Paladin – Raze Lighter and Sentinel’s (Void Titan) Shield
  • Gunbreaker – Worldline Zero
  • Red Mage – Dawnblade’s (Solar Warlock) Sword
  • Summoner – Book(s) of Sorrow (THE Hive Lore Book)
  • Scholar – Truth To Power (Lore Book)
  • Reaper – Nightmare Harvester
  • Ninja – Nightstalker’s (Void Hunter) Spectral Blades
  • Samurai – Black Talon
  • White Mage – Staff of House Judgement
  • Monk – Fists of Havoc (would have to be made up for potential crossover)
  • Astrologian – Dreaming City Astrolabe/Grimoire Cards (would have to be made up for potential crossover)
  • Blue Mage – Cane of the Warmind
  • Sage – Splinters of Darkness

I’d love to see it, but, it’s never gonna happen. Going the other way, I’d imagine that it would be something like the three classes getting Universal Armor Ornaments inspired by FFXIV’s various Jobs. Like Warlocks with a Black Mage-inspired set, Hunters with a Dragoon-inspired set, and Titans with a Dark Knight-inspired set. Just off the top of my head, I’d think that if it ever happened, that’s the way they’d go.

At this point, I’m just going to make myself sad if I keep babbling about a (not ever happening) crossover. Hell, I may play both at the same time (no I won’t, my laptop can’t handle that) on Tuesday, try to progress Week 1 with the MSQ if possible. If that happens, don’t be surprised if Gjallarhorn comes with me to FFXIV, and blasts that bow that swiped its name to Kingdom Come. Though, if Bungie ever adds another melee weapon that’s not Swords or Glaives? I want Axes. Rise of Iron wasn’t that long ago, and Sunbreaker Titan’s Burning Maul animations could be reused! Bungo! Squenix! I’m right here! I have plans! Ideas! I don’t charge that much!


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