Destiny 2: Season of the Haunted, Week 6 – Snap Out of the Rut

Alright, it’s Week 6, we both know how this goes by now. So, instead of detailing every pico-second of my grinding out Containment stuff, I’m going to agree with a video I watched recently on “Is Destiny 2’s Seasonal Model In A Rut?”. Well…

…Jesus Katie Christmas, it DEFINITELY is, and I’m in full agreement with the man who was told to “touch grass” by a Hive God. The game feels like it’s the same thing, every three months on repeat. The story’s great, it’s just the everything else that feels like reskinning of the same thing.

The actual GAMEPLAY? It’s always been great, it’s never not fun to just run around blasting things with new weapon drops, partially to see if this roll will dislodge the weapon you’re currently resonating with. But the Seasonal Model is just getting tired at this point. Even this season, with the reprisal of the Leviathan, has gotten dull. Containments are Escalation Protocol and Blind Well’s unholy hell-spawn, but without enough of the rotation that made them as fun as they are and were.

And don’t get me started on Vaulting, either. Most of the “vaulted” areas were the places I’d go to screw around with new weapons, Exotics, and entire builds to play with. Titan, Mars, the Tangled Shore, all gone, and probably the EDZ or Moon to follow in Lightfall. There’s so many weapons I can’t effectively use anymore, but, I can’t bring myself to dismantle. Trust, Nameless Midnight, Oxygen SR3, 21% Delirium, Bygones, they’re all borderline unusable now, but, they have sentimental value to me.

I don’t even really play around with builds anymore, because what’s the point? Whatever I do will just probably be unviable next season anyhow, so, why should I bother? My Void Warlock build is pretty set in stone, so, why change it until I have to? Sure, Solar 3.0 has made Titan SUPER fun, but, who’s to say that it won’t be nerf-batted into the dirt next season?

I love Destiny, I love its gunplay, its story, the lore, the setting, the characters, but, god knows I CANNOT recommend it to anyone. We’re in Year 8 technically, and there’s no good “jumping on” point for a brand-new player. A New Light will have NO context for anything that’s been going on and the game will assume you know what an Oryx, a Vex Collective, a Last City, a Clovis Bray, any of that means. Which, for a new player? All of what I just said is straight-up Word Soup. They have no context unless they go looking outside the game. I know to watch a Byf or Myelin video, but Joe Anybody off the street? He doesn’t know where to even TRY to start cracking into this particular nut. But, let’s get back to the story at large.

Caiatl, freshly Bonded to her Nightmare of Dominus Ghaul, is set to go back into the Leviathan and banish it. Or at least try to. You, like last time, are there as backup, and Moral Support. You do literally the same things as last week, only with more taunting from Nightmare Ghaul, who tells Caiatl that she should cut off our character’s head and send it back to the City. Thats metal, and brutal, but, I need my head, I can’t proc Abyssal Extractors without it having Nezarec’s Sin on it.

You torch the mini-Gahlran (again), and buddy-up with the Cabal Ascendency strike team like last time, and come up on Caiatl and Nightmare Ghaul arguing as she starts the ritual. No change to the fight, same as last week. Churn and burn to the end. Sure, in the moment, it’s fun to my combat-focused brain, but, it’s like, couldn’t they make it just a LITTLE bit different? Maybe? Then I wouldn’t be tracing my steps back from last week?

After the fight ends, Ghaul gives one last taunt before Caiatl cleanses the Nightmare by force, and runs him through with her sword. She tells of how her Cabal is different, of how she is neither Ghaul, nor her father. Finally, the Memory sees her for who she is, not what she isn’t. One last check-in, where Caiatl speaks of the Ghaul she knew, not the one we faced years ago now. She speaks of his ascent, from pit fighter, to Emperor in the wake of the Midnight Coup. After that you get a check-in with Eris, who does Eris things, and you’re done for the week.

Well, kind of. The terminal message is one where Caiatl and Zavala speak informally of their Severances, and how the rituals affected them. I appreciate how Bungie’s going about building a camaraderie and genuine friendship between the two. Caiatl is a domineering Empress, forceful and boisterous, but, she genuinely cares for her people, and the friend she’s made in the Vanguard Commander. And after the last few years he’s had, Big Blue needs it. He needs to have people not hiding things from him, and help bear the burden he carries having to hold the entire Vanguard and the City’s government together.

So, what’d I think? Again, I think this Seasonal Model is REALLY running thin for me. I don’t mind story missions every week for 4-7 weeks, but, I do wish that these in particular had something “different” to them. There’s some REALLY good story beats in there, I just tune out on that second week of that particular mission. I’ve seen what I need to see, and I just want to get it done at that point.

I was invested in Zavala’s missions, and less so for Crow and Caiatl, but, even my interest in Zavala’s story was muted a bit by just how much I was trying to rush my way through the mission and just get it done already. Add that in with how dull the Containment activity is after a while, and I’m half-tuned out by the time I even start a mission, and I’m just bored with the whole thing. I don’t want the whole apple cart turned over, I just want something “different”, something to snap my mind back into place when things start wearing thin. I felt like the best of the three Sever missions to do that was Crow’s, since some of the encounters would have a couple of changes to them. Zavala’s second mission cuts out the most tedious part of the first, but, Caiatl’s is a near-carbon copy, where aside from the Calus-Bot and Bobblehead, nothing changes.

Now, I know that the “final” mission of the season has dropped already, because I’m perpetually behind. I know what happens, and how it actually IS a bit different, but, my point stands. Sever is Shattered Realm is Expunge is Interference. Just like Psi-Ops is(literally) Battlegrounds. And Astral Alignment is Override is Sundial. We’re playing the same notes here, just on different instruments.

I just want something that feels “different”, whether that be something like Mayhem Strikes, reintroducing “old” content, just, something to jab some life into this game for me. I don’t play Crucible, I’ve not felt the need to run Strikes/Nightfalls, I’m not playing Gambit unless a wild hair strikes me. I’m just…tired of the doing the same stuff, seeing the same, sprawling areas I’ve seen a million times. I want danger, I want to explore “new” places, do “new” things. Exploring the Leviathan is fun to me, I never got to run the Raids on it, and uncovering some passageway I never knew existed, but was right under me has been fun. Getting keys, searching out treasure, it’s been more fun than running Containment for the 6474th time this week.

One thought on “Destiny 2: Season of the Haunted, Week 6 – Snap Out of the Rut

  1. I’m feeling your pain. I love D2. I suspect if we want anything “different” it’d have to be D3🤷🏼‍♂️I’m not a programmer but I suspect the “more” we want would come at a cost

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