The Day Of Discontent

Today is the the day. Today is The Game. #2 Ohio State at #5 Michigan. The day I’ve been dreading for the last 364 of them. I’m not ready, I’m not mentally girded to deal with this. I can only distract myself with other things SO much before I start to stare at it like a car crash. I don’t care if we haven’t lost to them since 2011, I don’t care if we statistically have the best offense in college football. It’s THEM. Things get screwy in this game.

It’s like the day before an expansion releases, and you’re waiting through the all-day maintenance. You can’t do anything about it, but try to distract yourself until it’s over. Speak of the devil, don’t we have one of those coming Thursday? We do! Mercifully, I work Thursday, so, that’s the majority of my day being distracted from the wait for Endwalker’s Early Access.

I’m nearing the end of my “project” of re-running all the 2D Metroids, since I’ve finished Super, and am currently (at least for me) tearing through Fusion. So, the last few days of waiting will be slightly agonizing at the rate I’m going. I could replay Dread with the remaining time I have left to wait, but, I may move on to finishing up Gunbreaker to 80 once that’s done. Either way, I’m going to have to find new distractions to get December 3 here faster.

I’m ready for this thing to finally release, as the things I still have to do to get caught up just aren’t appealing, like the Diamond Weapon fight, and I’ve been capped out on Tomestones for months. There’s no reason that they aren’t appealing, it’s just having to learn the fights and then perform that doesn’t interest me yet. They’ll be there from here to Judgement Day, so, I’m in no rush, even though I should be, since I want to hit the ground running Friday evening at 5pm (or earlier if I can use some of my vacation time). Maybe I’ll develop an actual habit of playing Halo in the meantime, instead of my sporadic games of Slayer or SWAT.

Today though? I’m distracting myself from The Game (10-7 Ohio State at time of writing) with cooking. I’m taking the dark meat from the turkey, potatoes, and stock I’m making from the bones and making a kind of soup with it. The white meat will be used for whatever, but the dark meat is what we save for the soup every year. Will my dad eat infinity bowls of it? Probably. Such as the last time I made soup, stew, or anything else in my crockpot. My other distraction is to try and make some more progress through Metroid Fusion, it’s a short enough game, and I haven’t played through it in a few years, so there’s some challenge there in my “quest” to knock out all five mainline 2D Metroids. No, I will not play Other M, Other M doesn’t exist, that’s going straight to the sewer.

Now, if the world will excuse me, I’m going to go puke. Michigan is about to score. Damn it, they just did. Panic is setting in.

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