Festival of the Lost – Lost^2

Previously, on Destiny 2…

Story’s on ice, as is Savathun, as we wait for the planets(?) to align to call Mara to remove the Worm from Savathun, so that we can remove Savathun from Osiris. At least I THINK that’s how nesting dolls work? So, what do? Well. Halloween’s coming up, and this neighborhood hasn’t ever been the one in town you hit up to Trick or Treat. So, it’s time for the Festival of the Lost (no relation to the season).


Grandma’s back! Eva Levante has returned to the Tower for the event, and she’s assigned you a job. You’re to put on a mask, and acquire these things called Spectral Pages (Eva wants you to collect three), and acquire candy from world drops, and defeated enemies. You do that, and you’ve unlocked the Activity, Haunted Sectors.

These will be a Lost Sector, but changed to reflect the event. Instead of clearing a path to the end, and grabbing the chest, you’ll be tasked with summoning and defeating as many “Headless Ones” as you can within the time limit.

However, you’ll have to fight your way to each station, through waves of enemies. So, just like a Lost Sector, or their Legend/Master variants (that won’t drop any Exotics I don’t already have… /sh {Necrotic Grips} {Can I have it?} 5k {/tell} {Thank you} ). They look sufficiently celebratory though.

Now, there’s no limit to how many Headless Ones you can fight, you just fight until your time runs out. By the way, I nuked a Headless One so hard that its model may have just…ceased. A point blank Nova Bomb may be a little overpowered.

For each Spectral Page you have, each Headless One you defeat will turn it into a Manifested Page. So, if you have 10 Spectrals, you’d need to kill 10 Headless Ones to turn them into Manifested Pages.

Once the timer’s up, you’ll face one last boss, and more Headless Ones. Every third of its health, it’ll go Immune, and you’ll need to kill Headless Ones to get Pumpkin Bombs to throw at the boss to make it vulnerable. So, you need to embrace the Green Goblin mindset as you fight. You finish the fight, you’ll get a chest of rewards, the first time through, I got the event’s weapon, a 540 RPM Pulse Rifle named “Jurassic Green”. My roll…wasn’t good. Heating Up/Adrenaline Junkie, thing hits like a water gun, and does about as much damage per shot. I’m not mad, do I LOOK mad?

Back at the Tower, there’ll be a book next to her on a stand, the “Book of the Forgotten“, that you can slot your Manifested Pages into, and get entries in its Lore book.

And that’s it, you’ve done the event. There’s Emblems to unlock, a Sparrow, and stuff you can sink Candy and Bright Dust into, mainly the Dinosaur ornaments, and other masks.


I think it’s obvious that I want, no, NEED “Honk Moon”. I long to be as powerful as the Untitled Goose, so, that’s my goal, mask-wise.


I could really take or leave the Dinosaur armor ornaments, but, they’d be nice to have. My real goal equipment-wise is the Spider Sparrow on Eververse that walks around, instead of flying. It’s up for Bright Dust next week, and…I want it. If I could come across that Uldren Sov mask, I could REALLY antagonize Crow, and I just realized I’m a TERRIBLE person.

But yeah, that’s about all there is to the Festival. It’s fun enough, though not something I’m totally invested in grinding. I still have yet to try the Legendary Shattered Realms, but, I’m not sure they’re active yet. It may be time to wind Destiny down for a bit, since Endwalker is around five weeks out. Still waiting for Yoshi-P and company to let me have a beard as an Elezen.

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