My Gold Saucer Residency, Day 2 Of Many

…uh…I woke up in the casino? Have I showered? I’m grinding fun bucks to buy a car, right? Am I 16 again? Am I buying my beat up old Cavalier again?

No. This is Day 2 of the FFXIV/FFXV crossover event, and, even though it lasts another month or so, I’m getting this out of the way early. Let’s get to grinding. Slowly.

We start with 70,000 MGP, we need 200,000 for the car. First order of business is clear, three runs of “Out On A Limb” to knock that out of the Challenge Log. At a rate of 400 per game, that’s a quick 2,700 in less than five minutes. Next, we bounce downstairs with two goals. One, go positive on the scratch-off tickets. Two, hustle the easiest Triple Triad opponent in the hall 10 times, for another 13,000 MGP. First goal, done. Net gain of around 700 MGP. Second goal?

Steamrolled him. Though, it did take 11 games to get the wins Challenge done. In my infinite genius, I let him tie me. Okay. That is…thats okay. We’ll deal.

Doing good so far, up 18,000+ in about 15 minutes. I head back upstairs after selling the doubles I got to the trader. Another 600 MGP. We’re going to hit a zone here with this botany axe. Which I do. The next 30 minutes or so are kind of a haze, half-watching a new “Some Ordinary Gamers” video, while half paying attention to the mini-game. We only have one or two losses, but a few games I had to settle for 150 MGP instead of my napkin-math’s 400. I get word over the Gold Saucer’s PA System that a GATE is happening soon. Now, I’m losing my mind already, so I go downstairs, wait on it to show up, punch Gilgamesh’s lights out a few times, and then queue up. Shout chat is saying it’s “YOOOOOOOOOOOO TIME”, I’m thinking, “okay?”

Oh my. Is this safe? Should I have signed a Waiver first? We’re up on the stage, wonderful. No pressure. The lights dim after a while, and, there’s Yojimbo. Who’s seemingly negotiating a contract while on the job? Shouldn’t you have an agent for that?

The guy jumping isn’t him.

Okay! The game is mechanics! Dodge the…somethings? Okay, I’m going to follow the crowd. I do so, I survive the first round, 1,000 MGP! Nice! Oh god he brought his dog, okay, nice puppy…GET OFF MY MONEY! So, you dodge around stuff, adding a dog into the mix, grabbing the funbucks while dodging mechanics. No big deal, just follow the crowd-oh. I got knocked out, me and a mass of other people. So, defeated, I go buy a ticket for the Powerball-I mean Jumbo Cactpot, drawing’s Saturday, now, I just gotta remember to check my ticket then, and I head back upstairs, to the only thing that truly gets me. “Out On A Limb”.

I drop another token into the slot, hit the button on the Cactuar as the beginning phases of getting tired take hold. My senses are dulled, Mutahar has just overloaded my brain with a deep dive on Cyberpunk 2077’s console optimization at the cost of visual fidelity, but, my goal is clear. I’m at around 95,000 MGP, I want to hit 100,000 tonight. And then write a post about doing so, I got distracted after work loading custom firmware on my old PS3 to mod NCAA Football 14 with CFB Revamped. Good times, bludgeoned Nebraska with Ohio State in the “Dark Night In The ‘Shoe” uniforms I love so, SO much.

I survey, and I swing, over and over. In my head I’m hearing Torvan going up to bat for his beloved San Francisco Giants, my total hitting 97,599, 98,099, crawling ever more to 100,000. I push my luck, I’m getting 500, 600 MGP games, hitting paydirt first try three times in a row, clawing my way towards my goal of being Elven George Jetson. Finally, I’ve done it. 100,000.

I’m finally halfway to the car. 100,000 MGP down, 100,000 to go. I logged off, satisfied with my work, and started writing. This is my goal, getting that car, no for any reason, I have plenty of mounts, and my brother has the car already on his account. But…I want it. It’s a flying car. How could I not want a flying car? I’m probably not going to get to drive one of those in real life, so, why not? Why not go all-out at playing casino games to get a flying car?

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