Welcome to the Neighborhood

As I reach day 5 of my yearly nightmare, the county fair being RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET FROM MY HOUSE, it makes have a thought about the influx of people into my beloved FFXIV. I play on Cactuar, and so does my brother, him since launch, me since I gave him ownership of our account, and made my own (long story). Now, the Big Man On Campus when it comes to streaming WoW, Asmongold, chose our server to start his own guy. Okay, cool, gets eyes on us, and oh. Oh my, that is a lot people. Queue to log in a few days ago was over 300 people deep, partially because he was streaming, partially because there is a LOT of people buying/trying the game, what’s that? Square’s site…ran out of keys?

In all seriousness, it’s nice to see the game grow like this, to have this much hype and momentum going into Endwalker. Old man hat, but, I remember sitting in the hallway before class on my laptop my freshman year of college pre-ordering the 1.0 Collector’s Edition on PC off Amazon, that was not a wise decision for many reasons, not limited to 1.0 being a garbage fire that ran at about…4 FPS if at all, at least I’d get 10 in Dalaran if it was crowded, this wasn’t a very powerful laptop. This though, this is the big moment this game has more than earned, where the eyes of the world are upon it, all competitors are either faltering, or already behind, all Endwalker has to do is stick the landing in November. I have all the faith in the world that Yoshida, Ishikawa, Soken and company are going to pull this off, they’ve proven it before, and the fan base is ready for whatever they throw at us.

As a reborn Old-Head ™, I like seeing that there’s a ton of sprouts learning things, seeing it for the first time all together, without having to go through the battles we did long ago. So, I don’t understand the people that want to gatekeep things. Like, I want as many people as possible to enjoy my dumb hobbies, or be able to start playing this thing, or something like Destiny, or Doom, or anything. You can’t grow the game without putting the game in front of people, and if the new kids come up with a better way to do things, great!

Again, I came up in the fires of stuff like FFXI, old-WoW, and those games, while great, weren’t the most inviting to new people, people-wise, at least in my own experience. You had to know people to do much, and your reputation was everything, so, you get ostracized if you’re out of line, there goes everything. I still have trouble adapting to the new ways, in-game communication isn’t really a thing anymore, it’s all through Discord, there’s not really an equivalent to Killing Ifrit, AllaKhazam anymore, that are one-stop shops for lore, strats, communities to build in forums, it all spread out. When I say I’m stuck in another time, I mean that time, the mid-2000s, not realizing that I need to branch out. I’ve spent more time on Discord the last couple weeks talking with people than I’ve ever spent on it, it’s nice. It gives me that feeling that I’ve wanted for a while, I’m not on the outside looking in, since we’re all in the same boat. I’m actually willing to offer help to people, instead of clamming up and saying nothing to no one, unwilling to either build or break any reputation I had. The world changed, and I need to change to meet it.

I’m still working on it, trying to be less awkward, kind of speaking to party members in-game, even in real-life, I can almost actually speak with people, joke with a client, make small talk at the gas station, come out of my self-imposed bunker. I may not understand WHAT some of these new people are talking about, since I don’t really watch streams, or follow streamers aside from a few. No real reason, just no interest in doing so. But, I’d like to learn, understand what people are talking about. Would I like to go back to Wrath-Era WoW, yes. But, life don’t work that way. I can’t go back to my comfort zone, I need to adapt. If everyone is using Discord to organize, build communities, reach out, do all this stuff that we used to do otherwise, maybe I should more? Maybe I should actually speak up? Maybe instead of trying to latch onto groups, and have them help build ME up, I should do that for others? It’s a daunting thing, underneath all this fake bravado and boldness, I’m still terrified to use my voice, or for anyone to know anything about me. I’m mostly thinking out loud now, but, I’m going to be participating in this thing called Blaugust, a sort-of themed month and change of blogging, posting, and mingling with others that also like to write. I’ll put a link here for it.


2 thoughts on “Welcome to the Neighborhood

  1. Without this post, I never would have known this is something you struggle with — so you’ve been doing incredibly well on the Discord in my opinion, so good on you. 🙂

    It’s been really great chatting and the info you’ve been able to help me with as a relative FFXIV noob and it’s even better that you’ve decided to join us in Blaugust, too!

    Looking forward to seeing what you write!

    Having said all that though, if you ever need to take a moment just to recollect your social-energy as it were, that’s fine too. Don’t push past your limits. We’ll still all be around when you’re ready to rejoin again. 🙂


    1. Thanks! I really appreciate it! If it’s something I know about, and can start to get comfortable, it’s a lot easier for me to talk to people, tanking, general Warrior nonsense is my wheelhouse, so I’m getting there.

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